Easter Reflection: The Road to Emmaus

Our Lenten and Easter journeys merge on the road to Emmaus. The dark veil of Lenten despair is lifted in the breaking of the bread; the disciples’ eyes are opened to the glory of the Lord! Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “The Road to Emmaus”, click here. For Fr. Michael’s poem, The Road to Emmaus, click here.

Easter Reflection: Touching Divine Mercy

Doubts  come to us all too easily. It isn’t hard to imagine Thomas and his skepticism, or Peter and his denials. But when faced with the power of the resurrected Christ, we too must overcome our doubts and fears to embrace the wounds Christ eternally bears for our salvation. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “Doubting Thomas” and Fr. Michael’s “Divine Mercy Sunday”, click here.

Easter Reflection: Dawning Grace

The stone is rolled back, the tomb open, but where is the Lord? The empty tomb represents new life and triumph over death; the dawning of a new grace. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “Resurrection – Easter Sunday”, click here.

Lenten Journey Reflections

Week 6 – Were You There?

Were you there?

The repeating question in this week’s reflection brings the daily failings of our lives to a point, or rather three points…one in each of Jesus’ hands, and one into his feet; nailing him to the cross. Our sin puts him on the cross and his love for us keeps him there for the ultimate sacrifice. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “A Wake Up Call”, click here.

Week 5 – And Jesus Wept…

Raising Lazarus from the dead:

Jesus’ strength lies not in exercising power but in embracing the weak and the frail. Even knowing that he will soon raise Lazarus from the dead, Jesus weeps. The Son of Man weeps and shares the grief of the dead man’s friends and family. Watch as Fr. Michael explores the way in which Jesus absorbs and takes away our pain and suffering. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “Come Alive”, click here.

Week 4 – What Are You Blind To?

What blindness covers your heart?

Are you blind to your own sin? Could you seek the forgiveness and healing of Jesus on true faith alone? For help in answering these questions, watch as Fr. Michael prepares us for the Gospel on the man born blind. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “Cure of the Blind Man”, click here.

Week 3 – I Thirst

What do you thirst for?

Are you looking for water to quench an unquenchable thirst? The Samaritan woman gives Jesus water from Jacob’s well and he promises living water that wells inside of her. Join Fr. Michael this week in opening your own heart to the same living water. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “Woman at the Well”, click here.

Week 2 – The “Mist”-ical Journey

Are you on the “Mist”-ical Mountain?

Fr. Michael takes us up the mountain and into the mist, much like Jesus did with Peter, James and John during the configuration. Watch below. For Fr. Jim’s Gospel Study “Vision Statement”, click here. To purchase Fr. Michael’s CD “The Mist-ical Journey: Steps for Growing in Grace” click here.

Week 1 MT 4:1-11 – Overcoming Temptations

What is it that you need to be reassured that you are God’s beloved?

For a deeper study of this Gospel with Fr. Jim Willig, click this link: Temptation by Fr. Jim Willig


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